Should A Christian vote for a Mormon?

Yes, if that is the candidate they feel aligned with on the issues. On Sunday I preached a sermon that strongly pointed out the difference between Christians and Mormons. You can hear the sermon here.

However, I hope my sermon also communicated that despite very certain theological differences, there can be solidarity on family and moral issues with Mormons. There are many things about the Mormon family life and values that I respect, despite their erroneous religious views.

A few years ago, we had a candidate for governor in Tennessee make a last ditch effort to secure votes by stating in an exaggerated manner that he had “Christian values.” While those are my values also, the commercial communicated, “Hey I am a Christian, so vote for me.” I think politicians should be judged on substantial issues, not simply religious affiliation. Christians have a wide variety of views on political and social issues, so simply riding our religion would be an incomplete presentation.

There are times when a person’s faith could override civil judgment, so I do think an evaluation of one’s religion has some merit. However, if a Mormon politician has a record of unbiased decisions, than that politician shouldn’t be judged any harsher that a practicing Catholic or Protestant.

Observing religion is an act of humility. Though I would love for every person in the world to believe just as I do, I think the power of believing something makes a leader more humble, even if they believe a delusion.