Why Egypt Matters

Egypt matters to your life because:

1.  It’s the largest Islamic nation in the Middle East, so its trends could affect an entire block of countries.

2.  The Muslim Brotherhood wants to rule Egypt by Islamic law, which will produce a government like Iran.   This will make the world much more instable.

3.  Instability in Egypt could produce instability to the Middle East, which is the major supplier of the oil that feeds our country.   Everything from the Down Jones Industrial Average to the cost of bread could be affected by instability in the oil market.

 4. Traditionally, Egypt has been an enemy to Israel.    Since the Camp David Accords of 1978, there has been a 34 year peace.   This has been good for the world.  Still, 34 years is a short time, so the peace is fragile.

5. The United States is a committed partner with Israel.   A military conflict with Israel will bring us into action.   As much as I hate war, the United State should stand with Israel for strategic reasons (take religious affinity away, and we should still stand with them for political, humanitarian and economic reasons).

Take time to pray about this situation.

“Our God is Greater, Our God is Stronger.  God You are higher than any other!”

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