Ten Thoughts For Monday

1. I couldn’t be more impressed with the leadership of Pastor David Huff and the youth staff on my visit to The Getaway 2012 in Panama City, FL.
2. Phil Zarns in an incredible speaker.
3. I loved the new airport at Panama City, Florida.  It was small, convenient and professional.
4. The last two Sundays has been “have your friend surprise you at church” theme.  Ronnie Meek of Springhouse Worship and Art Center last week, and John McClendon of Godwhy.com yesterday.   I was honored to have both of those guys sneak in a quick visit.
5.  I love attending 242 Groups.
6.  Here is a great on-line list of Hendersonville Churches – www.hendersonvillechurches.org
7. The strength of our church is our volunteers.  I’m so thankful for all our incredible volunteers!
8. Hendersonville needs a snow-cone stand for the summer.
9. I’m so glad our church’s first check each month is to support the Jewish people through the ICEJ.
10.  “But as for me, how good it is to be near God!” – Psalm 73:28

This Sunday Starts “Project Identity”

On Sunday, I’ll be bringing you an encouraging message that has been birthed out of my time with the Lord.  If you need a fresh word from the Lord, come expecting to receive this Sunday!   We’re starting a new series called Project Identity.  It’s so important you know who God has identified you to be, not a wrong identity you’ve picked up outside of Him.

I believe summer is a great time for our church to grow!  Let’s get closer to Jesus!  Let’s also invite people we  know who are univolved in church to be part of our family.   Join me at either 9:00 or 10:45 a.m.!