How To Save A Life

You have a treat this Sunday, as my wife Beth Allison will be speaking.  So many people enjoyed her Mother’s Day message that I decided not to wait another year to schedule her!   On Sunday, July 15 she will be giving a talk called How to Save A Life.   You will love Beth’s authenticity, humor and love for people.

Service times are 9:00 and 10:45 a.m.

One thought on “How To Save A Life

  1. john

    I though this message was Amazing. The best analogy I have ever heard came from this sundays message. “Your church is not like a cruise ship. Where you can depart it when you want to have fun or choose another when you are offended, but more of a Battleship in which you are a part of. Something that supports you through battle, and carry’s you through the worst of storms.”

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