Get your Red Arm Band for “One Sunday”

Make sure you mark /circle / block out August 19th for One Sunday. 

Each year we identify a special Sunday in August to re-gather everyone from summer travel, and invite our friends who are not attending church.   If we all show up on the same Sunday and bring friends who need to be in church, the church gets full, God gets glorified and people’s lives are changed.   Last year we had our largest non-Easter crowd on “One Sunday,” and dozens of people responded to the salvation invitation.

This Sunday we will distribute red arm bands that say “One Sunday @ CIL.”

I’m encouraging you to wear one of these to remind you to:

1.  Pray for One Sunday and our church.
2. Use it as a conversation piece to invite someone to church.

One Sunday will create momentum for our church that will help us touch our cities!   I’m asking you to make your best effort to attend CIL on Sunday, August 19.

Let’s see what God can do on One Sunday!

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