“One Sunday” Review

Wow!  What an uplifting day!  I met so many new people visiting CIL with friends, and dozens of people made a decision for Christ at the end of the message.   It was an amazing day!

Here were are some highlights:

– The first visitor I met came by an invitation from a CIL member he worked with.  As we were all getting acquainted, another visitor from their work joined us!

– Daniel Reed did an outstanding job joining Penny Simms in leading worship.   I’ve known Daniel since he was in high school, when I was his youth pastor.  So proud of him!

– Elliot Parry came straight off his job on the road to add some super-cool LED lights to our stage set up.   Thanks Elliot for your work to add something special to our set.

– Our worship team had a lot of adversity to overcome in rehearsals and some unexpected glitches this morning.  Our musicians, sound technicians and media team are all volunteers, and they work really hard to present great music to our congregation every week.   Special thanks to Randy Roof and Steve Hertzler for solving last minute problems.  What would we do without those guys?

– My wife, Beth Allison, blew us all away with the song “Deliverer.”   She is such a gifted vocalist, and we were all inspired to worship Jesus by her passionate rendition of this song.  If you check out the song “Deliverer” by Vicky Beeching, it takes about 90 seconds into the song before it gets going good.   However, the tune will stick with you all week.

– We continue to take steps forward in our Guest Services.  Our greeters, parking lot and ushers are the backbone of our Sunday experience. and I’m so grateful for their participation.  Jay Edgerton is showing great leadership in leading this team of volunteers.

– I’m so proud of all our volunteers who make our church function every Sunday.  On One Sunday, this group lifted up Jesus through their service and love.

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