10 Things on My Mind

1. I’m still feeling the positive momentum from our special Sunday with David Walley in the morning, and Jim Wideman in the evening.  Two very different leaders brought us two very important messages.  Our church strengthened on Sunday.

2.  I usually do a college football preview on this blog, but I won’t be able to do so before the season starts tomorrow.  So, here is my prediction for the National Championship:  SOUTH CAROLINA.   I hope my prediction is ruined tomorrow night with a Vanderbilt upset of the Gamecocks.  However, I think South Carolina can lose one regular season game, and still win the national championship.

3. Speaking of college football, the alternative uniforms are out of hand.   You can find more than you’ll ever want to know in this article

4. Continuing to speak of football, it was fun to see KDDC play Station Camp Middle School last night.   I enjoyed seeing kids from CIL and the neighborhood enjoying the game.  It’s also great to see Kenny Powell in operation as the principal of KDDC.  Mr. Powell is a great leader!   Congrats to the Bison on an overtime win in a hard fought game for both teams.

5. I continue the “Growth Track” teaching Forward 101 on Wednesday night (August 29).   Tonight, we’ll deal with worship, communion and Christian community.   Our Wednesday night attendance has been strong the last three weeks.  It’s great to gather together in the middle of our busy weeks!

6. Over twelve years ago Beth and I helped start a church in Frisco, Texas, called Hope Fellowship.  My long-time pastor, mentor and close friend, John McKinzie, is the founding and current pastor.   This last weekend they opened their first satellite campus in McKinney, Texas, to resounding success.  What’s doubly neat about this is the fact that my sister Shelby Cavender is the interim children’s pastor over both campuses, and her husband Scott Cavender is a campus pastor at the new campus.  There are many more relational connections to this church from CIL.  I’m so proud of all those guys!

7.  Labor Day weekend is becoming one of my favorite weekend of the year, because I usually relax with my family all weekend.

8.  I’m currently reading Humilitus by John Dickson.   Soooo good!

9.  I’m already thinking about 2013.   Our “Planning Retreat” is in mid-September.

10.  I’m gearing up for our mission trip to Haiti, October 4-11.   Six of us our going from CIL with a larger group from Hendersonville churches.

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