Tent City

On Sunday we had Sunday service as a team, then went to a “tent city” to offer medical treatment. At its height, 1.5 million refugees lived in a “tent city,” but there are approximately 500,000 live this way today.

There happened to be a tent city directly behind our hotel. In the tent city, many of the people had never visited a doctor before. The day was intense, and I enjoyed my role in assisting the dental professionals. At the height of our service, the director asked us to quietly start packing because there was a security threat.

There was a bit of anxiety getting the ladies and the supplies secure. However, the proximity of our gated hotel made it a fast and safe departure.

It’s sad that we weren’t able to treat more people. It’s a reminder that helping people isn’t always easy. A few unruly people can ruin opportunities for the innocent. This is true in America, too.


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