A Big Wednesday Night

Don’t miss this Wednesday (December 5)!  It is an important night for a few reasons:


–  First Wednesday Worship.  The adult service will be all worship.  This is one of the most uplifting services of the month.

ExitSeven Square–  ExitSeven Youth:  We’re finishing our last youth service of the year with a great service planned!  One of my best friends is scheduled to speak, so our students will be challenged during this great service!

–  With the holiday schedule, it’s our last mid-week service of 2012.

–  After service we will have a business meeting in which church members can vote to ratify new Leadership Board members for 2013 –  2014.  The names being presented are:

Chip Johnson
Lee Moseley
Charles Watson

– We get to do this!   Church is a privilege  not an obligation!   It’s a big Wednesday night, because our God is with us when we gather in His name!

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