Recommendation for Your 2013 Devotions

One Year Chronological NLTAs January quickly approaches, I hope you are considering a plan for your devotional live.   If you don’t have a plan to read your Bible, you probably don’t read it as much as you think you do.  During 2012 I changed up my Bible reading plan by using the One Year Chronological Bible, and I really enjoyed the experience.

Here are some positives:

– The Chronological Bible helped me understand the Bible better.   Every Bible is organized according to book types, and not by a time-line.   The Chronological Bible follows a sequential time line that gives you a better understanding on how the books correlate.

– It builds your faith to see how Scripture confirms Scripture.

– You can get this on a Kindle, which allows you to read it on the Kindle, laptop or iphone.   This helped me keep up with my reading, because it can be tough to stay faithful.

– The one year system builds in an accountability system to help you realize how faithful you are being.

– I chose the NLT because the Old Testament gets so laborious at times, the NLT keeps it readable.

Here are some challenges:

– You can feel schizophrenic at times, jumping from Genesis to Job to Psalms, back to Genesis in one reading.  It didn’t really bother me, but I could see how it could be unsettling for others.

– Like any one-year Bible reading plan, it can feel like a chore at times.  You just have to guard your heart against this reality.

– The biggest draw back is you don’t actually get to the New Testament until October.  That was way too long for me to wait.  This year, I’m going to keep on the plan, but simultaneously read the New Testament in the ESV starting in January.

That’s my opinion, hope it helps!

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