My reflections on Les Mis

ImageThe musical Les Miserables is a powerful piece of art.   I saw the musical in London in 1996, Nashville in 1998, owned the CD through the “W” administration, listened to dowloads on itunes more recently, and saw the movie in 2013.   The story has multi-layers of themes:

– The cycles of poverty unbroken among the poor.
– The people’s power to oppose oppressive government
– Bravery of the young, and wisdom of the old.
– Complex emotions that occur in human romance.

Not to be lost is the proto-type of Christianity in the story.  Jean Valjean is the character who has received grace, and so now he freely gives grace.   Javert is the “rule-keeper,”  who looks down on others who don’t follow the law (sounds a lot like a Pharisee or a fundamentalist).   I see a lot of myself in both characters.

A great piece of art evokes passion, opinion, debate and keeps you thinking . . . Well done, Les Mis!

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