Sunday Review – April 7

1.  Today is  “The Sunday after . . . ”   Still, this Sunday after Easter was  strong, and I was pleasantly surprised with our strong attendance.

2. I enjoyed hearing the song “Higher”, again.  You know the song – “Nails couldn’t keep you down . . .”

3. Love how Pastor Matt Malone is spending time teaching our 4.6 Experience.   He’s building relationships before these students get to the youth service.

4. I was privileged tonight to share God’s vision for our church at Forward 101.   Great session!  Great people!

IMG_35365. Our Costa Rica Mission Team met for a couple of hours after service.   I’m proud of the work these guys are putting into preparation for this trip.

6.  A professional child check-in system is so important.  I’m so glad we have a dedicated group of volunteers to operate our child-check in system.   It’s so important!

7.  Nice to have a new out door basketball hoop a the church.   The kids are especially happy!

8.  Am I tired after preaching twice, and leading Forward 101?  Yes!   But, its a good kind of tired.   To be spent on the work of the Lord is the best kind of tired.  I love relaxing at home after a long day of ministry.

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