New Elders to be installed at CIL

On Wednesday, May 1, we will ordain three new elders at CIL:  Deborah Jackson, Chip Johnson and Lee Moseley.   These three outstanding leaders are transferring their ordination from other organizations to our local church.    They all have extensive ministry experience, and you don’t have to spend much time around CIL to realize how involved all thee of them are in our congregational life.

On May 1st we will have our First Wednesday Worship, but will include the commissioning of these three elders/pastors during our service.  During this ceremony, you’ll learn more about these individual’s ministries.

Our current elders are Doug Bagwell, Jay Edgerton, Matt Malone, Daniel Robertson, Greg Wilson and myself.  All current elders will continue to serve along side Deborah, Chip and Lee.

Lee Moseley, and wife Amy



Chip Johnson, and wife Gayla


Deborah Jackson, with husband Paul

Paul and Deborah Jackson