This Sunday – The Vineyard


Every week I want you to grow stronger in your faith because of the Word of God.  In the series Yahweh Saves!, I’ll be sharing dynamic passages from the book of Isaiah.  On  Sunday, April 28, I’ll be teaching from Isaiah 27:2-6, a message called The Vineyard.  You’ll learn through this talk how much God loves you, and that God is taking care of you!

Do you know about our Men’s Bible Study?
Every Sunday, men from CIL meet at 8:00 a.m. to go deeper in the Scripture.   Join these men in “The Study” this Sunday, and you’ll be stronger for it!

cilforwardwhite-01Forward 104
If you haven’t taken the Forward 104 session of CIL Forward, make plans to come to the “Living Room” this Sunday at 9:00 a.m.  Paul Jackson will be teaching on “Your Spiritual Motivational Gift.”   This is the favorite session of the CIL Forward growth plan, and it allows every person at CIL to know their unique motivational gift.

I love serving Jesus with you at CIL!


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