Wednesday Night Schedule for Summer

Summer 2013 color newest

After May 8, we won’t be having normal adult and children’s services on Wednesday nights until August.   Due to the travel schedule of our leaders and staff, we don’t have the leadership capacity to provide the quality worship service and children’s ministry during the summer.  However, this change of pace give us the opportunity to focus energy on important summer activities such as VBS, Ladies Bible Studies, Kid’s Camp (we’ll do our first in July), mission trips (two in July) and the Back-to-School Blessing.

Many of our Wednesdays during this time period will be used for other activities already scheduled such as Costa Rica cook out, Parents meeting for camp, VBS volunteers meeting, VBS, Compassion Ministries prep.   I may even offer CIL Forward on Wednesday, depending on dynamics yet determined.

We’re not really taking the summer off, but just using our time for other purposes.

It is a joy to walk with you through the development of our church, learning together as we walk together.

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