Sunday Review – July 21


– It’s funny what gets me fired up on a Sunday.  When I see the child check-in manned, nursery workers on time and greeters in position before visitors shows up, it is like a work of art in action.    And when this happens on a summer Sunday – wow!

– Speaking of summer dynamics, our attendance is way up over this time last year.  This August when everyone gets back in town may turn out to be very special for the growth of our church.  I love all the new faces, I see, and all the visitors I get to contact during the week.  God is at work at CIL!

moseley2–  Loved, loved, loved  Camp Blast!  So proud of our brave 3rd-6th graders who participated in this experience.  I can’t thank enough Pastor Lee and Amy Moseley for leading this trip.  Also, Ivan Carver and Sonnett Pentecost were the perfect adult sponsors.  Gary and Lynn Tunk used their amazing talent with food preparation to provide delicious meals.   What a great team we have to reach children for Christ!

– Pastor Matt Malone makes announcement much more entertaining!

Beth Allison keeps taking us deeper and deeper in worship.  We’re so blessed to have her as our worship leader, and I’m so blessed to have her as my wife.

cilforwardwhite-01– I loved to hear all the interest in CIL Forward.   We start Forward 101 on Sunday, August 4, 2013, at 5:00 p.m.  This is our Newcomers meeting in which I share the church’s vision.   I’m excited to get all our newcomers involved in this vision!

– I’ve never been more excited about CIL!   God is taking us to a special place in Him!

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