Confusion over a popular Hendersonville Park

This article was hard to believe.  I’ve really enjoyed The Park at Indian Lake Village, with its nice walking / jogging trails and beautiful trees.  But, according to the Hendersonville Star News, there is a lot of confusion on this property.

Here is my understanding of this article:

1. The eight acres between the Hendersonville Public Library and The Park at Indian Lake Village which contains part of a public greenway, was purchased recently by developers.

2. The city council thought the eight acres were part of the park.

3. The park isn’t owned by the city anyway, but is “a privately owned public park.”

4. The eight acres is zoned for residential development.  Yet, the master plan only approves it for a park.    Who wins that conflict?

5. Bottom line, a public park was built with private money.  Now that the private company is not doing well, there are a whole bunch of questions about the park.

This will be an interesting story to see unfold – what a mess!

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