Fall Break 2013

With such a short summer, Fall Break has become a valuable time for families with students in the Sumner County school system.  Between youth camp, mission trips, VBS and summer dance recital, a traditional summer vacation hasn’t been practical the last two summers for our family.   So, last year we went to Washington D.C. for Fall Break and had a fabulous time.  This year, we opted for a more laid back and economical vacation in eastern Kentucky with Beth’s family.

After a hectic few months of ministry and school, I’ve been able to relax this week in ways I haven’t in weeks.  We’ve spent a lot of time lounging around, enjoying a much different pace of life for a few days.

There have been a few activities that are noteworthy:


Natural Bridge State Park

We took a sky lift to a 600 ft. peak called Natural Bridge.  The view was spectacular, but without railing on the cliffs, it was a bit unsettling.

There is no narrow spot, so you are never in danger.  However, if you have kids with your there is never a time to relax.


Breaks Interstate Park

The Breaks Interstate Park is on border of Kentucky and Virginia.  It has been called “The Grand Canyon of the South.”  It was a beautiful drive to the spot, and the prominent view from the park was spectacular!  I took the picture above myself, as we arrived at dusk to see this view.

– Jenny Wiley Festival and 5K Run.

IMG_4212This weekend the Jenny Wiley Festival is taking place in Prestonsburg, Kentucky.  We attended the fair, and enjoyed beautiful weather.

On Saturday, I participated in the 5K run that took a very pleasant route through the small mountain town.  I started jogging regularly in August, so it was nice to see my progress by participating in this race.

It was the first 5K I had participated in 10 years, and my time was very comparable to my younger days of jogging.

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