The Naivety of National Health Insurance

Wouldn’t it be great if every American had quality health insurance? Sure. I would love for everyone to have access to the health care they need.
salvusThis is one of the reasons our church supports monthly the Salvus Center, which is an example of how Christians can be involved in the health care deficiency in our nation.

Obama Press ConferenceHowever, since the Affordable Care Act / “Obama Care” became the law 3 1/2 years ago, smart people have warned us that this new law was going to be a logistical and financial disaster.  Our president and supporters of this law blindly married this legislation, without proper preparation or a willingness to communicate all the risk (or reading the content of the law before voting on it).  Naivety and a lack of understanding of the free market has produced a national mess.   Plus, our nation is going broke, so the government simply cannot supplement health insurance for the country.  Regardless of how noble the goal of national health insurance is, it will not work until the future of social security is secured and federal spending is reduced.   For the last 3 1/2 years we have braced ourselves waiting for the impact of this law.  The impact has started, and Americans are finally concerned.

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