Awana Awards Ceremony

IMG_4743On Wednesday we had the Awana awards ceremony at CIL.
Wow, was it inspiring!

In an era when kids are constantly being criticized for their lifestyle habit (i.e. inactivity, lethargy, poor attitudes), the Awana kids are pushing back that stereotype.  These children (age 3 – 5th Grade) were so excited about memorizing Scripture, and so were their teachers. Our kids are being discipled though Awana, and I see a great future for our church through this program.  I am so thankful for the leadership of our Awana commanders, Ed & Andrea Ahlmeyer, and their team of dozens of volunteers.

When we start this program again in August 2014, make sure your kids or grandkids are involved.

We are blessed to have lots of people who care about kids at CIL.



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