Happy Anniversary Beth

IMG_3361Today is the 16th Anniversary of my marriage to the lovely Beth Hall Alllison.

We married at West End Church of Christ in Nashville, started our marriage in a condo in Madison, TN, moved to a farm house in Princeton, TX, to a starter home in Frisco, Texas, and have been in our home in Hendersonville, TN, for 11 years.

We were crazy youth pastors, planted two churches, lost both of our Dads, survived the scare of an ill infant, led a complicated merge of two congregations, finished grad school, taught music classes in different settings and started doctoral studies.

The best part? Three amazing kids, who will accomplish much more this we could dream.

And these days, we laugh more than we ever have.

It’s been a busy 16 years, but it’s been an amazing joy, and the best is ahead!

I love you, Beth!

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