Five things on my mind about CIL

mens bible study21.  Our Men’s Bible Study that happens every Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. is going deep in relationships.  This rarely happens with men, and is a sign of God doing a special work among our guys.

2. Our youth pastor, Matt Malone, is the east Tennessee version of Jimmy Fallon.  He really entertained us today with his act on the keyboard.

2. CIL loves kids!  We had a bunch of them today.  Accumulating kids isn’t enough, we are about discipleship.  I thank God for a loving nursery, Journey’s, 4.6 Experience, Awana, Camp Blast, VBS and all the other outreach to kids through CIL. Thank you children and youth volunteers!

3. What is a great sign of a successful small group?  Laughter.  Our 242 Groups are full of laughs, and we’re all better because of Christian community.

4. I love when I discover friendships have been birthed among participants at CIL.  When I run into friends around town hanging out at a restaurant or coffee shop, or meeting at a party, I know that Christian community is growing among us.

getaway 2014 25. So thankful for people who are providing partial and full scholarships for our teenagers to attend summer trips. Specifically, we had folks step up to fund several teenager’s beach camp today.  Still, we have other teenagers who need a scholarship. If you want to contribute by giving on-line, you can to to and choose the on-line giving option.

A great Sunday.  My cup runneth over!


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