New Sermon Series – “Maturity”


The summer break for our area is more than half-way over, and though I had productive trips throughout June for various reasons, I am happy to be settled in for the next many weeks.  I intentionally took some Sundays off this summer from preaching, and I enjoyed serving the congregation during our services in different ways. But, I love to teach God’s Word, and I look forward to this new season in our church.

This Sunday, I start a new series that I believe will bring a clear direction for our congregation.  The series is called Maturity, and we will be looking at passages from Ephesians Chapter 4.  This sermon series comes out of a time of reflection about the current condition of culture, the church and individual Christians. We will see God’s call to spiritual maturity, and that call will demand our response.

It is such a privilege to pastor and lead our congregation.  I love the people who make up CIL.

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