One week ago today . . .

BSB - 2014 - collageWe were in the middle of our 8th annual Back-to-School Blessing, and it was so fulfilling for so many reasons.  Here are a few reasons why . . .

– The event didn’t feel like condescending charity. The families we helped were neighbors, co-workers and classmates who just needed a boost after an eventful summer. The volunteers from CIL and the recipients interacted as friends, not as separated factions.

– So much prayer happened.  The prayer was authentic, sweet and so human.  The divine presence of our holy God was in the parking lot of the Goodwill that morning.

– There was joy in the recipients, with no trace of shame or embarrassment (as there shouldn’t have been!).  I believe the tone of our volunteers created this Christ-honoring culture.

– The gorgeous weather was a remind of God’s sovereignty, and our vulnerability.  We can’t control the weather, the seasons or our days. We think we can control our health and finances, but we’re vulnerable in these areas too.

For some reason, I believe I will always remember Saturday, July 26.  All seemed right that morning. BSB - 2014 - teenagers

BSB - 2014 - little girl

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