Four Areas of Focus for Church Health


There are a lot of things competing for a congregation’s attention, but the healthiest churches are relentlessly dedicated to three or four things.  The simpler, the better.  Those three or four things may be different for each church, but the power of focus on these defined areas creates congregational health.

At CIL, we focus on  . . .

Bible Teaching – Scripture is our authority and source of truth.

Next Generation – Kids, teenagers and college students are the church of today!

Small Groups – People will stay a month for a great service, a year for a great program, but a lifetime for a friend.  Relationships are irreplacable. As a church gets bigger, it must get smaller though smaller groups.

Experiential Worship – God is not a concept to explain, but a presence to experience. Experiential worship includes prayer, music, singing, liturgical prayers, spontaneous prayer, silence, the taste of communion, the physical interaction of fellowship, and much more!

3 thoughts on “Four Areas of Focus for Church Health

  1. Sn0wghost

    Of these, I believe the small groups are the key. Jesus was all about relationships, and small groups is where it happens. Thanks for insight.

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