Mark 10, Divorce and Re-Marriage

Mark 10

We have spent several years moving in and out of the book of Mark in “verse by verse” preaching.  We will preach other sermon series that emphasize a variety of Scriptures, then return back to teachings from Mark.

As we started a new message series in Mark 10 yesterday, I intentionally skipped over Mark 10:1-12.  While this passage gives us an important message from Jesus, I did not feel it was necessary to revisit this theme as a congregation in light of a past sermon.  In 2012, I delivered a message called “If I Divorce, Can I Remarry Again?”

You can listen to the 2012 sermon as an interpretation of Mark 10:1-12, though Matthew 19:1-9 is the primary text for this message.

I thank God that His Scripture is our standard for doctrine and practice.



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