Are you thinking or reacting?

Angry Woman

Facebook LogoReact, instead of think. I’ve been guilty of it as much as anyone. Social media gives us a wider audience to spread the unfiltered thoughts that we use to only say in the privacy of our home.

We would all be wise to think critically before posting our opinion on social media, or spewing it out in a social engagement.

Many times I work out thoughts verbally with my wife, family, and closest friends.  These unguarded conversations help me “talk through” my emotions. That process helps me refine my perspective, and sometimes causes me to change my mind on an issue.

In contracts to this close group, in a public forum I want my opinions to be filtered, seasoned and effective.


As Christians, I believe critical thinking includes:

– Knowledge of the Bible.

– Experience.

– Ability to listen to another opinion with an open mind (civility).

– Basic understanding of theology and history.

– Cultivation of the fruit of the Spirit.

An understanding of current events. As we regularly follow current events, we will be able to frame the significance of those events properly in light of all the characteristics I have mentioned above.

The more we think critically on a consistent basis, the times we do react will be more effective and honor Christ.

So, keep thinking!

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