I am an Open-Minded Conservative

One of the great cultural myths in America is that every conservative individual is close-minded. While some conservatives may espouse beliefs without critical thought, many liberals do the same thing. In my case, I believe I have an open mind that listens to various perspectives on a variety of subjects. Yet, I have developed a conservative world-view based off thoughtful conclusions.

So, I believe through deductive reasoning:

– God designed the family, and biological determinations define the ideal family. Families work best with a father and mother, therefore traditional families should be encouraged by all of society.

– An embryo is a person with a unique DNA, the ability to feel pain, and rights that are to be protected. Our judicial systems will punish the harm of an embryo in some situations, and endorse the destruction of the embryo through legalized abortion. Are we to decide if an embryo is valuable based off the situation? No, God values all life.

– If people do not work, complex economies will fail. Our country was built on capitalism. An economy with more “takers” than “producers” will not sustain.

– Humans have abused the earth. Conservation of the planet makes sense, and should be considered a Christian issue. Christians should care about the environment.

– Pro-life Christians should be concerned not only with the unborn, but with the quality of life of the born.

– A pro-life Christian should be concerned with unjustified killing of the innocent through hasty capital punishment. The death penalty should be used rarely, with the greatest of necessity.

5 thoughts on “I am an Open-Minded Conservative

  1. Rita A. DuMont

    Your comments are very thought provoking. I especially like the environmental issue. I was beginning to think, (from other Christians) that this was a non-issue. I am glad to hear your thoughts.

    1. Yes Rita, I think us evangelicals have missed the mark by not participating in the environmental awareness movement. There are some misconceptions some Christians have accepted that has caused them to vilify environmentalists. However, this is changing. I would like to study in the next couple of years more on Christian conservationism, and share this with the entire congregation.

  2. bentonoglesby

    We need more conservatives (and liberals) like you. Different views and political associations shouldn’t make us enemies, it should draw us into a deeper conversation to try and understand each other better. That is true community.

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