The Next Election – Cynicism or Participation?

Nixon Resigns - NYT

In the 1970’s America discovered that their president had lied about a low-level burglary over an election that was not even competitive.

We have not trusted our politicians since.

From the “Iran-Contra affair”, to “perjury under oath”, to “no weapons of mass destruction”, to “the shame of Benghazi” –  we have plenty of reasons not to trust our political leaders.

VoteSo, it has become expected and socially desirable to be cynical. We don’t trust our leaders, because we are afraid to trust them.

While a dose of reality tempers our tendency to idolize, political cynicism is keeping too many people from participating.

Decisions are going to be made, why not be part of those decisions?

We the People determine the present and future of our nation.  So, if decisions are going to be made, why not be part of the process?



On this day after a big national election, how can you serve your country?

Will you become an informed voter?

Will you actually go vote?

Will you join a political party, volunteer with the election commission, or advocate for a political issue?

Will you support a future candidate?

Will you be a future candidate?

Will you participate, or play it safe and only criticize?

There has never been a better time than today – on this day after an election – to choose to be politically active.

As American citizens, we get to participate!

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