Two Things Stirring Me

Two things I have learned over the last week that are stirring me …


– “The Turks (Ottoman Empire) in 1915 destroyed the minority of Armenians in their midst, killing probably as many as a million and a half, and driving hundreds of thousands into exile.”[1] In my study of 20th century history how did I miss this? The Ottoman systematic killing of the Armenians is part of the origin of the term genocide. The modern Turkey government still will not acknowledge this as genocide.  This reality demonstrates again that even after 100 years, history is still being defined by interpretation.


IMG_0336 – I have always been impressed with the effectiveness of Awana (children’s discipleship program), but I was staggered by a statistic that Christina Keller presented at the Awana Awards ceremony. According to credible market research:

  • 69 TO 94% of teens leave the church after high school
  • Only 1.8% of Awana alumni surveyed dropped out of church as adults
  • 92% of Awana alumni still attend church weekly or more often 

There are variables of this study I have not analyzed, but the point is clear –

Awana is making a tangible difference in DISCIPLESHIP!

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