The Global Leadership Summit coming to Hendersonville

TGLS2015Logo02The Global Leadership Summit is one of the highlights of my year. This event is fuel to my leadership passion tank.  The various presenters come from both the church and corporate world, which brings a powerful blending of wisdom. The conference will occur August 6-7, 2015 (Thursday and Friday). Though the event originates from Chicago, it will occur literally around the globe through simulcast technology.

For the first time, TGLS is coming to Hendersonville!  The event will be simulcast at GodWhy Church, which gives more people at CIL a chance to attend.  As a sponsoring church, CIL constituents pay only $99 (instead of $199) when registering by June 21.  There is a special code to to get this discount.  To obtain the CIL code, e-mail me, contact the church office or pick up the code at The Communication Center the next time you attend CIL.

If you have the code, register here.

For me, these are the most important two day of the year for leadership development, so I truly hope you join me for this transformational experience.

Here is the speaker line-up:

2015 Speaker Lineup

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