Is Judgment Coming to America if Gay Marriage is Approved?

supreme court blfh

Later on this month it is probable that the Supreme Court will rule in support of gay marriage being recognized in all 50 states, regardless of established state laws. Gay marriage is clearly not supported by Scripture, which makes this likely cultural shift disturbing for conservative Christians.

Though I disagree with gay marriage from a Biblical viewpoint, I do not think it is the overriding issue that will bring America’s doom. If five of nine judges rule in favor of this recognition, they will represent the division in America over this marriage definition. There are still tens of millions of Americans who hold to a Biblical, covenantal definition of marriage. The cultural debate on marriage will likely go on for decades, as America tries to reconcile how to function with such contrasting marriage definitions.

America has done many things that deserve the judgment of God. Our founding was plagued with the inhumane recognition of slavery, as the African population was counted as only 3/5 of a person. Judgment did come for slavery, as up to 650,000 Americans perished in the Civil War. We have broken many treaties with the Native American tribes. We closed our doors to the Jews at the brink of the holocaust, unjustly interned Japanese-Americans during War World II, legalized the termination of life in the womb, and selectively ignored genocide when it was not in our national interest.

Yet, in the midst of many anti-Christian policies, the guiding principals that made America great have overshadowed the corporate sin. America still has done more than any other country to promote individual rights, freedom of religion and the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ through missionary endeavors. America has also steadfastly supported the establishment and sustaining of Israel.

Are there consequences of promoting sin? Yes. Is there one sin that will override all the good that America stands for? I have not seen evidence of this in the Bible. So, Christians should stand for the Biblical definition of marriage, but should not despair if the Supreme Court disagrees.

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