Advent, a refreshing focus


While it is easy to believe that everything in the evangelical church is digressing, there are many positive trends in 21st century.  One such improvement in recent years is the shift from emphasizing the cultural traditions of Christmas during December services to a recognition of Advent during our weekly worship.  Santa Clause, Frosty, and Elf on the Shelf are all fun and appropriate for the season. However, those characters and other cultural traditions get plenty of exposure in various mediums without the help of the church.

But the church has a message of power at Christmas!  The season of Advent celebrates that Christ came, and that Christ is coming again!  Is there a message more relevant?  Is there a message more needed?  Doesn’t this message of Advent deserve our clearest focus and proclamation?

So, for the next three Sundays and Christmas Eve at CIL we will share the message of Advent.  Come expecting songs about Jesus, preaching about Jesus, and communion centered on Jesus. There is not a more important activity for you this Christmas.

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