The Arts are still needed in education

I was so impressed with all the kids and teachers participating at KDDC Middle School band recital tonight. It was a visible reminder that the arts are an important part of the education experience. We cannot teach kids only towards standardized test outcomes. Choir, band, sports, clubs, field trips, and social traditions help develop the whole person, and must not be neglected.

On a personal note, I am proud of my son Lincoln and nephews Austin and Denton for excelling in their first middle school band concert. A great night for the whole community!




Don’t Question My Integrity! Really?


A phrase that makes me lift my eyebrow – “Don’t question my integrity,” I probably have stated this before myself, but I try not to use that phrase anymore. Doesn’t having integrity mean that you welcome scrutiny? Being a person of integrity does not mean that you will never make a mistake, have a wrong motive or contradict yourself. But, when you realize a breach of integrity, you own up and improve from there.