Start Here . . .



Start……here.  Our prayer is that people find CIL to be a place to start, to start experiencing all the things written above.

This design is the front of a postcard sent this week to 20,000 homes in Hendersonville. When it arrives at your house, will you put it on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror and each time you glance at it would you….
1. Pray.  Start right now.  Take a few seconds to pray that God will use this postcard to quicken the hearts of the lost and those He has assigned to our congregation.
2. Invite.  Someone in your life may learn about CIL through the mail out, but your personal invitation will be the thing that encourages them to visit.
3. Look.  As always, be on the look out for new people at CIL that you can meet, and make feel welcome.  You friendliness sets the culture of the church, and allows people to experience His love.
I am excited about preaching this Sunday, and I hope you and your friends will join me.
If we abide in Him, CIL has a great future!

Pastor Aaron

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