Pastor Timblin and the Power of a Prayer

On Friday I had the honor of attending the funeral of Pastor Andy Timblin, the father of my dear friend Kevin Timblin. Pastor Timblin died in his early 80s, finishing his race so well. 
In 2008, I was a young preacher who was “trying out” to be the pastor of CIL. Brother Timblin preached at CIL several times while the church was without a pastor. On my interview Sunday, he drove from Kentucky to support me, even though we had never met. There was a lot of expectations on me to do well in this sermon, so I felt the importance of the opportunity. As I was getting ready to preach, Pastor Timblin placed his hands on my shoulders and began to pray with love and power. His prayer gave me so much confidence and assurance that when I stood on that stage, I had never felt so at home as a preacher.  
Pastor Timblin touched thousands of lives in his ministry but I still remember that prayer. You never know how a single prayer can impact a life. I believe that Pastor Timblin’s prayer impacted hundreds who have been touched by God through CIL the last 8 years. He honored me that day, and I was not going to miss honoring him at his home going service.  

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