Families on US Border, Dreamers


I have been quiet on social meeting this week about the out cry against the separation of families on the southern US border. However, my silence was not indicative of my concern.
Then, the immediate issue changed quickly yesterday. I am so happy families will remain together. Despite the complexity of the situation, it is simply the correct action. The children should not suffer for decades of poor leadership on this issue.
So, we need to keep thinking and acting about immigration nationally. “Dreamers”, I have not forgot about you. Though the Dreamers are not in the news chatter right now, they need to be legalized. Again, it is not their fault we have an broken immigration system.
Not all of the nuances of my opinions on immigration are represented in this post in order to keep this writing brief. Good people who I respect have different perspectives and conclusions on immigration.
If you disagree with what I have written, I still would like to be your friend.

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