Roe vs. Wade is not the end


On January 22, we recognize the somber anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision to federally legalize abortion in 1973.  Though this is an important and consequential occurrence that should be acknowledged, it is not the linchpin of the pro-life movement like I once believed.

If Roe vs. Wade is overturned, as I hope it will be, abortions will still be legal in many states, and a vast portion of the United States population will yet have the choice to participate in an abortion.  While legal wrangling in our future will continue to go back and forth, one state at a time, it is the hearts of Americans that are in balance.

Abortion must be eliminated one heart at a time.  God, turn our hearts to the children.

5 thoughts on “Roe vs. Wade is not the end

  1. Daryl

    Good stuff. I will add that Galatians 3 refers to the law being a tutor or teacher. That is of course the Moral Law, not man’s laws but I think the principal holds true. The law does serve to show us what is right and wrong to define our morality. In this sense, Roe v Wade becomes a strong force against changing hearts in favor of choosing life.

  2. As the father of two adopted girls, I’m proud to stand alongside you, Aaron. My daughters could have been a statistic were it not for the courage and selflessness of their birth mothers. I’m praying in unison with you!

  3. Cinde

    I’ve said so many times that whether or not abortion is legal, the hearts of those seeking abortions need to be touched and changed. That can only happen through Christians sharing God’s truth about life in a loving, non judgmental way.. These women are broken and hurting. They need to know that an abortion won’t change that. Only God through the power of Holy Spirit can do that. God is for them not against them. No one is beyond His reach.

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