Honoring Randy Visconti

I want to honor Pastor Randy Visconti, whose Celebration of Life service occurred today in Mesa, Arizona. He was the first pastor to give me a job, as I was his children’s pastor at Paola Assembly of God (Paola, Kansas) in 1995 and 1996. Randy was a great pastor, and he was very good to me. He gave me opportunities to preach often to the adults, which launched my ministry career. Under his and Jason Edward’s leadership, it was the first time I was called “pastor.” He always made time for me.

Two regrets:

  • I haven’t talked to Randy in years, but I always knew that relationship would pick right back up at some point. His unexpected death came as a shock and way too soon. So, don’t wait around to keep in contact with someone important to you.
  • We didn’t take a lot of pictures in the 1990s like we do these days. Regretfully, I do not have a photo with Pastor Randy. So, don’t bristle when someone wants to take your picture (Beth has been telling me this for years!).

I want to express much love to his wife, Dawn, and adult children Ryan, Kyle, Kirstyn, and Aaron.

See you in heaven, Pastor Randy!

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