Memorial Service for Dave Gerkey and Barbara O’Guin

On August 2, I was at Vanderbilt Medical Center with Dave Gerkey when he lost his life at age 55 from the coronavirus. Dave and I were close, so it was a sad and haunting experience. On Saturday, August 21, I will lead his memorial service at CIL Church.

Dave’s mother-in-law Barbara O’Guin also lost her life from the coronavirus, and we will remember her, too. Barbara was a faithful participant in our church, and I will miss her cheerfulness. May God comfort Denise Gerkey, who lost her husband and mom in ten days; my most profound compassion and sympathies are with her.

Dave Gerkey helped Aubrey McGowan and me lead the Alpha outreach program. This group picture from the 2017 Alpha Retreat brings memories of a happy time, with Dave at the bottom center with a big smile. Dave and I would lock up the church together and talk about every subject imaginable for another hour when Alpha meetings were over. He was a trusted partner, and I thought we would have more opportunities together.

I know God will help us honor both of these lives on Saturday, but it will be a tough day for many people in mourning.

Memorial for Dave Gerkey and Barbara O’Guinn
Saturday, August 21
Visitation at 2:00 pm.
Service at 3:00 pm.

Link to Livestream of Service:

Dave Gerkey’s obituary:

Barbara O’Guin’s obituary:

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