Tammy Groves

We recognized another saint going home today during the funeral of the amazing Tammy Groves. I have not attended the same church with Tammy for over 16 years, but she impacted Beth and me as an incredible co-worker in youth ministry. In one of my most stressful times of ministry, she lifted my arms.

I mourn with Jeff, Daniel, Alivia, and the spiritual families from Cornerstone Church and Restoring Hope Church. She has heard, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”


Give the book of Romans a read

Recently I read the book of Romans and was reminded that this Scripture’s impact on the Christian faith is paramount. In 2007 I attempted verse-by-verse teaching through Romans but realized a few chapters in that its depth would take more time than a Sunday series could provide. I called that series “God Did It!” – and I still think that is a great title to summarize Romans.

While I typically preach from the CSB version of Scripture and use the NRSV version for personal devotions, I love reading Romans in the NLT. The NLT makes Romans flow smoothly, and when the NLT launched in the late 1990s, I thought then that the work on Romans was beautiful and helpful. The NLT doesn’t use some important theological words in its translation, but the fluidity of the writing makes the overall theme come alive.

Give Romans a read sometime. You’ll discover what the apostle Paul so persuasively explained about salvation – God did it!