Thank you, Chip and Gala Johnson

On Sunday, October 24, we acknowledged the exceptional leadership of Chip and Gala Jonnson.

Since 2011, Pastor Chip and Gala Johnson have served the CIL family in almost every way possible. They have been such a gift. Chip, Gala, and their youngest son Zach are moving to Florida, and we will miss them greatly.

While they were here, they led and participated in 9 Thanksgiving Blessings, 8 Vacation Bible Schools, 7 Back to School Blessings, 5 Camp Blasts, 2 Ventures, dozens of board meetings, 100’s of Sunday mornings in 4.6, Connections, and over 500 Sunday morning services. Wow!

Chip would preach once or twice a year, and he is an excellent speaker. Chip can preach at any church in the nation, fit in well, and do great. I am going to miss these guys greatly, but they are always welcome to come home!

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