Prayers for the busy during Lent

I am so disappointed at the busyness of March, especially since it is the middle of Lent. My rhythms have been thrown off entirely between my responsibilities, travel, car troubles, and other necessities to support the kids.

Busyness really is violence upon the soul. I feel the bruises on my soul from the aggressive onslaught of busyness. The roaring rapids of activity shakes spiritual confidence, dulls the mind, and produces restless emotions.

Here are a couple of prayers that are good for me and anyone else out of spiritual rhythm:

  • God, help my soul find rest in you. May my appetite for your Scripture bring soul nourishment instead of the destruction I crave. May I allow your presence to settle in my spirit.
  • “You made us for Yourself, and our heart is restless until it finds its place of rest in You.” – St. Augustine

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