Are you working on your marriage?

I have been married for over 24 years to Beth, and I love our life together. It has been a lot of work for us to build this marriage as we have experienced significant marital conflict and some daunting relational challenges. We have a great marriage today because we have worked hard and not quit during the tough times. Both professional counseling and attending marriage conferences have been an important part of our longevity.

CIL Church is having a marriage conference on September 16-17, and I want engaged and married couples to participate. Brent and Janis Sharpe are licensed therapists and pastors – they are EXCELLENT teachers! The practical things the Sharpes teach benefit couples at all stages.

We also have fun activities planned for your kids! Pastor Faith and her team are creating a fun experience for elementary kids. Your children will not want to miss this chance to connect! There is also childcare for nursery-age children.

The cost is only $40 per couple, and this conference will bring about immediate, positive change.

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