Devotional thoughts from this week

Custer National Cemetery, Crow Agency, Montana (November 3, 2022)

Here are some devotional thoughts I have shared on other platforms this week. I pray one of these thoughts lifts you today.

A vision of God’s love
Your life is significant because of who you are, not just what you accomplish. When you find people who love you apart from your success, you find a vision of God’s love. Cherish those people; they are your gifts.

Joseph points us to a sovereign God
Isn’t the story of Joseph inspiring?

Here is a prayer connected to Joseph’s story that that lifted my spirit:

“Yet you had a plan. You moved a youth from prisoner to prime minister. Let me see your providential hand in the affairs of my life, even as Joseph confessed that though his brothers had planned evil against him, “God planned it for good” (Gn 50:20). Amen.” – Dr. George Guthrie

The hero we overlook
Your hero is not the person you pay to be near through tickets and fees, but often the one close by you overlook. They are so great, you probably don’t have the wisdom to recognize their value. God, open our eyes to the mentors among us.

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