CLC Men’s Discipleship is Making an Impact!

CLC is a Men’s Discipleship ministry making a significant difference at our church and around the nation.

CLC Men’s Discipleship (not to be confused with CIL) is an acronym for Christ Led Communities. For over 40 years, this ministry has been calling men into relational discipleship as it challenges men to an uncommon pursuit of Christ. CLC facilitates small groups of intentional believers who refuse to be satisfied with the status quo. CLC equips men to be leaders based on a growing, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and dedication to sound biblical principles.

We have started several CLC groups at Christ Is Love Church since 2018. I have seen these groups impact men for Jesus, creating bonds of brotherhood that are not easy for men to establish. If you want to learn more abut CLC groups starting through our church, contact Pastor Jacob Bell.

In 2022, I joined the national CLC Board of Directors and have the privilege of serving this organization with 18 full-time employees in several crucial markets across the United States. Dr. Craig Frye is doing an outstanding job as CLC’s president, and the future of expansion continues to be promising.

CLC is impacting our nation one man at a time.

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