The Converge “Unleash Conference”

Last week the full-time CIL Staff went to a conference in Florida called “Unleash” for the second year in a row. While it was an incredible conference both years, we did not just randomly attend. The conference is put on by a network of churches we are part of called Converge. Specifically, we are part of a district called Converge MSC, as we network together for church planting, ministerial health, and faithfulness to Scripture. 

While I have been personally walking with this group since 2011, the CIL Leadership Board voted to officially join the network, and we became a Converge church in 2021. While we have retained our autonomy as an independent church, it is a blessing to be part of a movement that provides us safety, strength, and opportunities to grow like we did though the conference. As the Converge tag line often reminds us, “We are better together.”

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