King Charles / Allen TX / Culture

King Charles and the Bible

During the portion of King Charles’ coronation I watched on May 7, 2023, there was the public reading of Scripture. Reading the Bible out loud is a powerful burst of truth into our world. I pray that those who heard those Scriptures hearts will soften to eternal realities.


Mass Shooting in Allen, Texas

There is nothing unique to say in light of the mass shooting in Allen, Texas on May 7, 2023. But the victims still deserve our acknowledgment and grief.

I lived in that area once, as Luke was born at a hospital in Allen. It’s a suburb where people expect safety and order, but no carefully planned community is exempt from the shadow of evil.

Come, Lord Jesus.


Engaging Culture

We can’t change culture if we hate culture.

To engage in culture, we have to move past anger to love.

“Shouldn’t you also have had mercy on your fellow servant, as I had mercy on you?’ ” – Matthew 18:33 (CSB)

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