Reflections on my 25th Wedding Anniversary

On my 25th wedding anniversary yesterday, the word that stood out to me was shalom – the Hebrew word associated with peace and wholeness. We felt God’s shalom through our love and the love of the community.

While a popular cultural sentiment is “us against the world,” that has not been the story of our marriage. Our 25-year romance has been connected to community, as the love of our family, friends, and faith communities have made our story. Sure, there have been many times that Beth and I have retreated as two to heal from hurt or find direction as a couple, and this special relationship did make us feel like “us against the world.” Still, we have always stayed connected with our family and church, and these relationships have made us and sustained us. So, our marriage is a celebration of God’s design for marriage and a recognition of all the relationships connected to a long-term marriage. I write this not out of pride but of absolute gratitude for God’s grace. Every long-term marriage is a miracle.

I want to honor Beth for believing in marriage, believing in us, and believing in me. I love her more every day, and I cannot wait to see how God is going to use her in the years to come. I also look forward to many laughs in our future!

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