Blessed Sunday at CIL Church: Deborah Jackson’s Insightful Teaching on the Ascension of Christ

Despite the hustle and bustle of a busy graduation weekend in Sumner County, the services at CIL Church were nothing short of a blessing. It was an honor to welcome visitors to our church, especially during such a hectic time. Graduation weekends can be overwhelming, with families and friends gathering to celebrate significant milestones. Amidst all the excitement, CIL Church opened its doors like we do every Sunday, offering a haven of peace and spiritual nourishment.

Deborah Jackson’s teaching on the Ascension of Christ, titled “Wait! What?” Her insightful teaching brought a fresh perspective to this pivotal event in Christian theology.

The energy of fellowship was alive and palpable throughout the service. This Sunday service reminded me of the power of community, the importance of spiritual growth, and the transformative impact a healthy church.



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